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TUNKIA Silicon Steel Iron Loss Tester

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Iron loss Fast Tester for Electrical Steel Sheets

1. Summary

TS2600 is an instrument used to quickly measure the AC magnetic properties of electrical steel sheets. It can quickly measure specific total loss (Ps) of electrical steel sheets.

2. Features

Fast loss testing at multiple loss test points.

It can display a variety of magnetic parameters, including specific total loss (Ps), magnetic polarization (Jm), magnetic field strength (Hm).

Easy operation: the user only needs to put the specimen under the small single sheet tester to test.

Testing results can be saved easily, including test date and time.

Large LCD touch color screen.

TS2600 Iron loss Fast Tester for Electrical Steel Sheets tunkiaTS2600 Iron loss Fast Tester for Electrical Steel Sheets tunkia

3. Specifications

Testing   Capability

Test point

P1.0、P1.5、P1.7 [1]


50 Hz / 60 Hz

Uncertainty of Voltage and Current (k=2)

0.2%*RG [2]

Uncertainty of Active Power

0.5%*FS [3]

Uncertainty of Ps (k=2)


Repeatability of Ps



Size (L × W)

≥ 30 mm × 100 mm


0.1 mm~1.0 mm

Other Requirements

The surface should be clean, flat, free from spots and scratches

• Note: [1] P1.7 is the test point of orientation steel;

• Note: [2] RG is range;

• Note: [3] FS= Voltage range x current range, when the phase Angle is within 75 degrees.

Repeatability: put the same specimens in the specified position and keep it from moving, and measure it repeatedly for 10 times. Take the maximum or minimum value of 10 measurements minus the average value divided by the average value, and the maximum value of the two represents repeatability.

4. Operation Video


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