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  • Q Who are we?


    TUNKIA is a global leading manufacturer of high-end electromagnetic measurement and calibration instruments. Our products and technology cover nearly all fields of electromagnetic measurement, and its domestically produced high-end instruments of class 0.01 or above have an over 80% market share in China. Our business covers more than 50 countries and regions, serving more than 30,000 users around the world, covering national metrology institutions and key laboratories.

    Starting from 1985, formally establish in 2006, TUNKIA has persisted in investing more than 25% of our annual revenue in research and development, actively responding to various technical challenges in the field of electromagnetic measurement. Our company has 400+ employees and has established a research institute consisting of more than 120 engineers. We have launched 22 major series and more than 300 models of electromagnetic measuring instruments, which are widely used in calibration, industrial testing, scientific research, etc.

  • Q What are our main products?

    Our products involve electrical measurement with current from pA to 10kA, voltage from nV to 100kV, resistance from nΩ to tΩ, frequency from DC to 10MHz and accuracy from 10-4 to 10-6. It all have been converted into 22 series electrical testing equipment: measurement standards, AC & DC instruments, new energy detection, etc. For magnetic measurement, Tunkia has researched 11 series testing equipment for material and products. We provide comprehensive testing solutions about magnetic intensity, flux, permeability, histeresis loop, etc. 
  • Q Who are our customers?

    A TUNKIA is the main participating unit of the national DC power energy standard system. At present, the comprehensive testing scheme independently developed for DC power energy has been applied to 20 + provincial electric power research institutes, 10 + provincial measurement institutes, 20 + instrument enterprises and third-party testing institutions.

  • Q Do your support customization? Who should I talk to for specific details?


    Our products are customizable to meet your specific needs. For assistance or inquiries, use the contact information provided on the right side of the page. You can reach us through WhatsApp, phone, or email. We will respond to your message promptly.

  • Q Where can I find the technical specifications for a product?


    You can find technical specifications in two ways:

    1. On the product page, scroll down and select the "Specifications" tab.

    2. Click the download button in the navigation bar to search and download the documentation for the specific model.

  • Q Where can I find the product catalog?


    On the download page, click the “Comprehensive Introduction” and you can find our Product Catalog Introduction. We also have catalog for specific product (tester for ev, electrical steel, etc.).


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