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EV Charger Tester and Loads

With global environmental awareness on the rise, electric vehicles are emerging as the leading choice for future transportation due to their representation of clean energy. Reliable charging infrastructure is crucial for their widespread adoption, with charging station accuracy being particularly important.

As an expert in electrical calibration field, TUNKIA offers a range of professional products tailored for electric vehicle charger testing. Our EV charger testers, including TD1320 (DC), TD1330 (AC), TK4830 (AC & DC), along with adjustable resistive loads like TK4710, TK4720, ensure precise and efficient on-site testing. In addition, we provide comprehensive EV charger testing solutions including vehicle-mounted testing, laboratory comprehensive performance testing, and traceability for charging station testing instrument. 

With numerous successful customer cases in China, we're expanding globally with our EV charger testers and solutions. Opting for our equipment guarantees safety, reliability, and efficiency in EV charger testing. Let's collaborate to build a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future together!


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