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Advanced Multiproduct / Multifunction Calibrator

  • TD18 series multi-function calibrators are electrical test equipment calibrators.

  • TH1950 High-precision multi-function calibrator is designed for 7.5 8.5 digit multimeter calibration.

  • The best accuracy of TD18 series multi function calibrators can reach 10ppm and equipped with 50T current coil, they can calibrate high-current clamp meter.

  • TD18 series multi function calibrators can output excellent performance of AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, AC/DC power, phase, frequency and other electrical parameters with analog resistance, capacitance, thermocouple and thermal resistance, pulse output and other functions and is capable of calibrating 6.5 and below digital multi-meters and other precision electrical measuring instruments.

  • TD18 series multi function calibrators can meet ISO17025 Electrical laboratory standard.

  • With various models and affordable price, TD18 series multi product calibrator are you ideal solution for calibration of all different types of electric meters.


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