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  • [Solutions] Precision EV Charger Tester for Metering Professionals: TUNKIA's Tailored Solutions

    "Elevate EV Charging Infrastructure with TUNKIA's Precision Charger Testers. Customized solutions for metering institutions and charging station manufacturers." Read More

  • [Solutions] How Would an Ultra-stable Precision Current Source Help Your Work

    This essay mainly talks about application of ultra-stable constant current source as excitation power supply in physics research, and briefly introduces TUNKIA’s cutting-edge product: TH1000 ultra-stable precision current source. Read More

  • [Solutions] How To Understand Power Coefficient of Resistance (PCR) And Its Impact On Coaxial Shunt Calibration Optimization

    This article discusses understanding the Power Coefficient of Resistance (PCR) and its impact on coaxial shunt calibration optimization. TUNKIA TH0420 Reference Coaxial Current Shunt is a cutting-edge instrument and is suitable for coaxial shunt calibration and wide range of AC and DC current precision and fast measurement. Read More

  • [Solutions] Unveiling the Journey of a Leading Electromagnetic Measurement Manufacturer in China

    This article briefly introduces the electromagnetic measurement system of TUNKIA. Our products have become essential tools in numerous national and provincial metrology institutions, provincial electrical research institutes, and pivotal scientific research laboratories. Click to learn more. Read More

  • [Solutions] How To Calibrate Clamp Meter

    This article provides an introduction to the working principle, classification, and typical calibration methods of Clamp Meter. The convenience of measuring current without the need for power interruption has made Clamp Meter widely used in power maintenance, industrial testing, and other fields. By analyzing various calibration methods in detail, the accuracy and response time of Clamp Meter can be improved, providing reliable measurement solutions for the metrology calibration industry. Click to learn more about our products and services tailored for the metrology calibration industry. Read More


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