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Electrical Steel Testing Equipment

Electrical steel, also known as silicon steel or transformer steel, is a specialized type of steel alloy designed for use in electrical components and devices. It is characterized by its high magnetic permeability, low core loss, and low electrical conductivity.

TUNKIA’s electrical steel testing products can realize DC, AC, AC/DC and comprehensive magnetic properties measurement of electrical steel, and we have also achieved fully automatic measurement of the magnetic properties of electrical steel sheets. In addition to basic magnetic property measurements, our products can also measure the following properties of electrical steel sheets: surface insulation resistance, coating adhesion, stacking factor, repeated bending, and magnetostriction. We also provide accessories required for electrical steel testing, such as Epstein frames of different specifications, single sheet tester, and adapters, etc.

Our primary customers comprise leading steel mills in China, including Baowu Steel, Shougang Group. We have garnered positive feedback from our customers, with our equipment becoming integral to their steel mill assembly lines.


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