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Calibration in Action: Check Out TUNKIA TD1850 Multifunction Calibrator

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TD1850 is a multi-function calibrator, integrates AC\DC voltage source, AC\DC current source, DC resistance source, etc. The accuracy class is 0.05. It’s applied to calibrating 3.5 digits multimeter, voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter, power meter.

Check out the functions of TUNKIA TD1850 Multifunction Calibrator:

1. Wide Output Range

DCV output: 20 mV ~ 1100 V

DCI output: 2 μA ~ 22 A\33 A

ACV output: 20 mV ~ 1100 V, 45 Hz ~ 1100 Hz

ACI output: 200 μA ~ 22 A\33 A, 45 Hz ~ 1100 Hz

RES output: 10 Ω ~ 220 MΩ

Frequency output: 1 Hz ~ 2 MHz

TD1850 Multi-function Calibrator

2. Multiple Output\Adjustment Modes

TD1850 Multi-function CalibratorTD1850 Multi-function Calibrator

3. Various Applications

TD1850 Multi-function Calibrator


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