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Calibration of Voltmeter Using Precision Voltage Calibrator

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1. How to Calibrate Voltage Using TI1000

TI1000 Precision Voltage Calibrator is an AC and DC voltage source with high stability and precision. The accuracy reaches 35ppm (DC) and 100ppm (AC).With programmable calibration schemes and small size, it is very suitable for onsite and industrial production line calibration of digital voltmeters and multimeters.

2. TI1000 Precision Voltage Calibrator-Specification

The output range of TI1000 is wide, ACV and DCV output range reaches 10 mV to 1020 V. There are two versions of TI1000 Precision Voltage Calibrator available: TI1000-B and TI1000-C.

TI1000-B (Standard Version)

TI1000-C (Advanced Version)

Frequency: DC, AC 45 Hz ~ 2 kHz

Frequency: DC, AC 10 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Optimum Accuracy: DC 100 ppm, AC 200 ppm

Optimum Accuracy: DC 35ppm, AC 100ppm.

TUNKIA TI1000 Precision AC DC Voltage Calibrator

The maximum output power of AC and DC voltage is up to 10 VA. With 10 shortcut output keys in the front panel, TI1000 can output the value in the programmable calibration schemes. Equipped with RS232, LAN and USB communication interfaces, it is convenient for users to set up an auto testing system.

3. How to Calibrate a Voltmeter-The Application of TI1000

TUNKIA TI1000 Precision AC DC Voltage Calibrator-Application

As a standard voltage source, TI1000 Precision Voltage Calibrator is designed for AC and DC voltmeter and digital multimeter voltage calibration. Weighs only 5kg, it is ideal for on-site testing. The device can also be put in the industrial production line to carry out voltage testing continuously. The programmable calibration scheme facilitates the quick output of certain voltage with one key only.

4. Calibration of Voltmeter with Easy Operation

TUNKIA TI1000 Precision AC DC Voltage Calibrator-Front Panel

The front panel has 10 shortcut keys that can output the corresponding value on the screen with one key. The value can be preset via calibration schemes.

TUNKIA TI1000 Precision AC DC Voltage Calibrator-Calibration Scheme

Multiple calibration schemes can be edited and stored for the calibration of multimeter with different specifications. With the combination of calibration schemes and shortcut keys, the calibration of a certain type voltmeter or multimeter can be easy and effort-saving.

5. Calibration of Voltmeter-TI1000 Precision Voltage Calibrator Panel Intro


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