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Comprehensive detection of DC power solution-2

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As low-carbon economy has become an important direction of world economic development, new energy power generation and smart grid have become important development fields, and the application of DC power is becoming more and more widely used.At present, DC power has been widely used in electric vehicle charging, photovoltaic power generation, DC high-voltage power transmission, rail transit power supply and other fields, and the measurement verification of DC power energy has also become the focus of measurement institutes and power departments.

At present, DC is characterized by wide dynamic range and nonlinearity: the range of working voltage, working current and other electrical parameters vary from V to kV and A to kA, which ensures the accuracy and stability in the wide dynamic range, and the nonlinear nature of grid load also causes DC overlap, which requires the frequency of the test device and the synchronous output and measurement.

As the national DC standard system preparation and NQI project "electric energy and electronic gas key measurement technology research" main participating units, TUNKIA measurement and control developed the dc energy comprehensive detection solution: for electronic DC power meter and DC shunt, can complete the measurement verification test, and can complete the type evaluation test specified in the type evaluation outline, etc.At the same time, for the above measurement verification and type evaluation equipment, TUNKIA can provide device assessment and high-level measurement traceability scheme.

TUNKIA DC power comprehensive detection solution, the best measurement uncertainty of DC power / electric power can be up to 0.005 level, and the automatic verification software can effectively improve the detection efficiency of customers and match the DC power detection needs of different customers at the provincial, municipal and regional levels.


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