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Comprehensive detection of R46 power solution

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As an important basic equipment for smart grid construction, the AC power meter plays an important role in supporting the realization of informatization and automation of the power grid, and its performance and quality is undoubtedly the focus of producers, managers and users.In 2012, the OIML R46 International proposal was officially updated and released, which put forward higher requirements for the performance of AC power meters.While referring to the OIML R46 standard, China's smart grid construction of hundreds of millions of electric energy meters through a long-term on-site operation, Has accumulated a lot of practical basis, The revised basic national standards of GB / T 17215 series power meters have also been submitted for approval, JJF 1245-2019 Installation AC Power Table Type Evaluation Outline has been formally implemented on March 31,2020, at the same time, State Grid and South Grid company intelligent power meter series enterprise standards are also being revised, Adjust the index requirements of the smart power meter series simultaneously to meet the R46 standards, The new AC power meters will be manufactured and delivered in accordance with the new national standards.

In order to meet the needs of the verification, type evaluation and device assessment of the new AC, power meters, TUNKIA has developed a comprehensive testing scheme based on the requirements of R46 standards.For the new intelligent electric energy meter, the measurement verification test specified in the verification procedure and the type evaluation test specified in the type evaluation outline can be completed.At the same time, TUNKIA can provide device assessment and high-level measurement traceability device for measurement verification and type evaluation equipment.

TUNKIA AC energy comprehensive detection solution, the best measurement uncertainty of AC power / electric power can reach up to 0.005. Equipped with automatic verification software, which can effectively improve the detection efficiency of customers and match the AC energy detection needs of different customers at provincial, municipal and regional levels.


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