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How To Test Three Phase Energy Meters

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1. What Is a Three Phase Energy Meter/kWh Meter

A three phase energy meter, or electricity meter (in kilowatt-hours, kWh), is vital for measuring and monitoring energy consumption in three phase electrical systems. It ensures accurate billing and facilitates efficient energy management.

It accurately monitors voltage, current, and power consumption across three phases, ensures accurate billing and facilitates efficient energy management, making it essential for environments with high power demands like manufacturing plants, office buildings, utilities and renewable energy installations.

And testing three phase energy meters to ensure their accuracy is very important. This article will show you how to use TUNKIA TD4550 Portable Tester for Three Phase Energy Meter to test a three-phase energy meter.

2. How To Test a Three Phase Energy Meter

To test a three-phase energy meter efficiently, an intelligent and highly integrated device is essential. TD4550 Portable Tester for Three Phase Energy Meter is an intelligent and highly integrated test system for calibrating three-phase energy meter and other AC electrical measuring instruments. It features a built-in three-phase standard source (3PH ACV output: 6V–456V, 3PH ACI output: 2mA–110A) and the accuracy is available in: class 0.02, 0.05, and 0.1. I The TD4550 can perform basic error tests, intrinsic error tests, constant tests, standard deviation tests, start-up tests, and creeping tests. We have also developed fully automatic calibration software for the TD4550, making the testing process more intelligent and streamlined.

TUNKIA TD4550 Portable Tester for Three-phase Energy Meter

3. AC Current/Voltage Source Output

Wiring: There are many ways to connect the AC voltage source: four-wire connection (4Wa, 4Wr, 4Wrc) and three-wire connection (3Wa, 3Wr, 3Wrc).

Press the Output Zero button to zero all output voltages.

Press the Measurement Mode button to select the output source/standard source and set the device to the output source mode or standard source mode.

Press the Wiring Mode button to select either three-wire or four-wire wiring mode. In the AC test main interface, press the Range button to switch to the desired AC voltage range.

Connect the corresponding voltage measurement ports to the instrument under test. Press AC voltage Ua (Ub, Uc) or Uab (Ucb, Uca), and the currently selected measurement will be displayed in the standard large display box as the current adjustment value.

Adjust the voltage output by writing the output value.

After completing the above steps, you can carry out calibration or testing on the instrument under test.

Check the video for detailed AC current and voltage output operation:

4. Three Phase Power Meter Testing

TUNKIA TD4550 Portable Tester for Three-phase Energy Meter





Connect UUT

As shown in the figure above, use the included test leads to connect the three-phase voltage/current output terminal on the back panel of the instrument to the voltage/current input terminal of the three-phase meter under test.


Setting the range

According to the voltage value to be tested of the UUT, set the TD4550 to the most matching voltage range, or select the automatic range mode (AUTO).


Adjusting source output

Slowly adjust the output of the TD4550 under test to the voltage value to be tested.


Calibration indication error

Read and record the indication U of the three-phase meter under test and the voltage output value U0 of TD4550;

Calculate the indication error and relative error by the formula: Δ=U-U0 and λ = (Δ/ U0) x 100%.


Power off

After calibration, the output of the three-phase source should be reset to zero and turned off before turning off the instrument.

The TUNKIA TD4550 Portable tester for three phase energy meter can also be used to calibrate the energy error and repeatability. The automatic testing software makes the whole testing process easier and much faster.

Check the video for detailed software testing process:


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