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How Would an Ultra-stable Precision Current Source Help Your Work

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1. Intro

Developments in the fields of electronics and optics led to computer and communications technology; research on atomic clocks and ultra-precision spectroscopy eventually led to the birth of satellite positioning systems. Physical science research drives long-term economic development by continuously outputting technological innovation.

This essay mainly talks about application of ultra-stable constant current source as excitation power supply in physics research, and briefly introduces TUNKIA’s cutting-edge product: TH1000 ultra-stable precision current source.

calibration scene

2. TUNKIA TH1000 Ultra-stable Precision Current Source

The latest high-stable constant current source developed by TUNKIA is widely used in cutting-edge fields such as precision spectroscopy, particle beam research, and quantum research. With accessories such as magnetic shielding tubes and Helmholtz coils, it can help in various experimental scenarios to build a sustained and stable magnetic field environment. For different needs, single-channel and three-channel current sources are available.

TH1000 ultra-stable precision current source TUNKIA

TH1000 Ultra-stable Precision Current Source

Optimal uncertainty:  ±15 μA/A

DC current standard source: ±(0~110 mA)

Maximum load voltage of constant current output reaches 10 V

Bipolar source generates positive and negative current directly through the circuit.

LCD touch screen

RS232, LAN port

TUNKIA’s complete electrical traceability system provides strong technical support for the function and quality of its constant current sources.

    TUNKIA TH1000 Ultra-stable Precision Current Source is also characterized by:

    • High Stability: The current source is equipped with a wide-band current comparator for current measurement and control, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the output under test conditions.

    • Protection Modes: open circuit protection, overload protection.

    • Efficient Testing: Typical value of rise time < 10 ms, typical value of establishment time < 20 ms.

    • Low Ripple Coefficient: The constant current output ripple coefficient is less than 0.001% (<5 kHz).

TH1000 Ultra-stable Precision Current Source TUNKIA

At the same time, TUNKIA’s research principle of equal emphasis on electromagnetism also enables our company to provide more comprehensive support for constant current excitation solutions.

Schematic Diagram of Excitation Scheme For 3D Magnetic Field Generator

TH1000 ultra-stable precision current source TUNKIA


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