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Introducing TUNKIA Calibrator for ESU Analyzer and Defibrillator Analyzer

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1. TD7200 Calibrator for Electrosurgical Unit Analyzers

1.1 What is Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)

Electrosurgical unit (ESU) is a high-frequency and high-power electrical device that uses high-frequency electrical current to cut tissue and control bleeding through coagulation. Electrosurgical units are widely used in medical procedures for surgical cutting, coagulation to control bleeding, and tissue ablation, offering precision and efficiency in diverse surgical and medical contexts.

1.2 What is Electrosurgical Analyzer

Therefore, the accuracy of electrosurgical unit needs to be guaranteed, which requires the use of high-frequency electro surgery quality detectors. The electrosurgical unit analyzer is a device dedicated to testing and evaluating the performance and safety of electrosurgical unit.

1.3 TUNKIA TD7200 Electrosurgical (ESU) Analyzer Tester

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the electrosurgical unit analyzer, TUNKIA specially launched the TD7200 Calibrator for Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer. TD7200 is a calibration device specially designed for commercial high-frequency electrosurgical analyzers. This instrument can simulate high-frequency electro surgery and accurately output high-frequency voltage, current, power and other power signals to achieve the calibration of high-frequency electro surgery analyzers.

TD7200 has the following features and is suitable for electrosurgical analyzer manufacturers and users.

High Frequency Voltage Output

10 V to 550 V

High Frequency Current Output

100 mA to 3.3 A


50 kHz to 500 kHz

Multi Parameter Display

Voltage, current, power

LCD Screen




 TD7200 Calibrator for Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer tunkia

 TD7300 Calibrator for Defibrillator Analyzers tunkia

TD7200 Calibrator for Electrosurgical Unit Analyzer
TD7300 Calibrator for Defibrillator Analyzers

2. TD7300 Calibrator for Defibrillator Analyzers

2.1 What is a Defibrillator

A defibrillator is a medical device used to restore a normal heartbeat by delivering an electrical shock to the heart. It is commonly used in emergency situations, such as cardiac arrest, to help re-establish the heart's rhythm. Defibrillators are crucial in saving lives during sudden cardiac events.

2.2 What is Defibrillator Analyzer

Defibrillator Analyzers are essential instruments in biomedical engineering, used to test and verify the performance of defibrillator devices.

Defibrillator analyzers are specialized testing devices used to evaluate and ensure the proper functioning of defibrillators. These analyzers assess various parameters and functionalities of defibrillator equipment, including energy delivery, waveform accuracy, and synchronization capabilities. They help medical professionals verify that defibrillators are operating correctly and are ready for use in emergency situations.

2.3 TUNKIA TD7300 Calibrator for Defibrillator Analyzers

To ensure the proper and reliable performance of defibrillator analyzers, a defibrillator analyzer is needed, and TUNKIA TD7300 Calibrator for Defibrillator Analyzers is design for this purpose.

TD7300 is a device applied for energy calibration of defibrillator analyzer. It is used for medical equipment manufacturers and medical equipment testing institutions at each level carry out registration inspection, metrological traceability, etc.

Standard Energy Output

1 J~400 J

Maximum Voltage Output

3700 V


± 0.3%*reading

Discharge Mode

Monophasic Wave (MDS, MTE), Biphasic Wave (BTE)

Discharge Pulse Duration

10 ms~16 ms

Charging Time

400J Energy Charging Time ≤ 15s

3. Video Intro of Calibrator for ESU Analyzer and Defibrillator Analyzer


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