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Introduction to: Permanent Magnet Material Magnetic Properties Measuring System-TY1000

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1. Product Introduction

TY1000 design conforms to the standard IEC 60404-5, GB/T 3217-2013. Consisting of excitation and measurement host, electromagnet, magnetic measurement sensors, computer software, it is suitable for measuring the magnetic properties of various types of permanent magnetic materials and drawing hysteresis loops and curves. TY1000 has the advantages of convenient operation, fast measurement, good repeatability and high reliability. Permanent Magnet Material testing

2. Features

Electrical parameters calibration function.

Slowly reduce amplitude demagnetization for specimen.

Zero drift of flux meter:<1 μWb / min.

Low nonlinear error of the hall probe.

Continuously adjustable bipolar magnetization current source.

Use flux meter and coils to measure B or J.

Use magnetometer and hall-probe or flux meter and coils or to measure H.

Automatic compensate the residual area-turns of J-coils by software.

Various types of coils or probes are optional.

Coils can be customized according to specimen size.

Hmax of the 150 mm electromagnet is up to 2.5 T.

Hmax of the 130 mm electromagnet is up to 2.45 T.

Typical single measurement time is 30 s.

Computer controlled automatic measurement.

Automatic calculates magnetic parameters and curves.

Modular design, easy to upgrade or maintenance.

permannent magnet test 

3. Operation Demonstration


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