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Introduction to TS3200 Electrical Steel Sheet Magnetic Properties Automatic Measurement System

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1. Product Introdution

TS3200 is a fully automated measuring system for electrical steel magnetic property frame (EPS) with high degree of automation, high reliability, high efficiency, traceability and easy maintenance. It is compatible with loading, weighing, inserting, Epstein frame magnetic property measurement, stacking coefficient measurement, tape sealing, and unloading, etc. It is a comprehensive solution to solve the problem of electrical steel from testing to device traceability.

2. Features

Fully automatic loading-calibrating-data uploading-unloading.

Can run 24 hours non-stop.

Supports AGV, conveyor belt, manual loading.

Typical measurement speed: 350 pairs/ 24 hours.

Testing frequency: 40 Hz~ 1 kHz optional.

Ensures personal, functional and information security.

Reliability, fault tolerance, scalability, easy maintenance.

Data fusion and sharing, data comparability and consistency.

The device is equipped with calibration interface and calibration operation space.

3. Application

Large-scale steel enterprises establishing intelligent factories for electrical steel production and inspection.

Fully automated inspection of incoming electrical steel materials for electrical steel application companies, with inspection data automatically imported into product design.

4.Operation Demostration


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