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Introduction to TUNKIA TD1545 DC Energy Meter Verification Device

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1. Product Overview

TD1545 is a multi-functional instrument dedicated to the verification and calibration of DC energy meter. It consists of DC voltage standard source, DC current standard source, DC small signal voltage source, DC standard virtual power source etc. It can verify not only conventional DC electrical measuring instruments, such as DC voltmeter/ammeter/power meter, but also DC shunt, direct and indirect connected DC energy meters.

2. Features

• Accuracy: class 0.01, class 0.02

• DC standard voltage source: 10 mV ~ 1150 V / 1550 V (optional)

• DC standard current source: 1 mA ~ 600 A

• DC small signal voltage source (four-wires):10 μV~4.4 V

• Standard electric energy pulse input/output, can be used to test the working error of electric energy meter

• Portable and easy to integrate into the cabinet to form a test system

• Support remote control adjustment output (optional)

TD1545 DC Energy Meter Verification Device tunkiaTD1545 DC Energy Meter Verification Device tunkia

3. Operation Demo


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