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Precision EV Charger Tester for Metering Professionals: TUNKIA's Tailored Solutions

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TUNKIA's EV charger testing clientele includes metrology institutes, renowned charging station manufacturers like Tesla, and laboratories.

Pioneering the EV Movement: Empowering Your Charging Station Testing

The Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2021 report from the International Energy Agency underscores the remarkable growth of the global electric vehicle market, surpassing 10 million vehicles by the end of 2020. In tandem with this trend, Mobility Foresights reports the market's valuation at $119 billion in 2020, set to rise to $175 billion by 2023, boasting a remarkable compound annual growth rate of 14%.China's electric vehicle market, a significant force in this movement, bears witness to TUNKIA's impact. With over 14.6 million new energy vehicles and 5.842 million charging piles across the nation, TUNKIA takes center stage. Our innovative solutions and testing equipment empower metering institutions and EV charging pile manufacturers, capturing an astonishing 70% of the Chinese market.

Diverse EV Charger Types: Revolutionizing EV Infrastructure

Within the electric vehicle charging ecosystem, two pivotal players emerge: the DC EV charger and the AC EV charger.

  • DC EV Charger: Engineered for rapid energy replenishment, DC chargers, also known as "fast chargers," deliver power outputs ranging from 60 kW to 240 kW. These chargers fully recharge an electric vehicle in as little as 1 to 2 hours, leveraging cutting-edge rectifier and chopper control units for optimal performance.

  • AC EV Charger: Dubbed "slow chargers," AC charging piles cater to extended charging sessions. With specifications including single-phase 220V 16A, single-phase 220V 32A, and three-phase 380V 63A, these chargers feature meticulous design and energy-efficient functionality, boasting a maximum power of three-phase 42kW.

Streamlined On-Site Testing: Ensuring Reliable EV Charger Performance

Thoroughly testing EV charger performance is vital for seamless functionality. Our comprehensive testing regimen encompasses:

  • Work Error Analysis

  • Clock Indication Precision

  • Indication Accuracy

  • Payment Amount Validation

The Right Choice: Discover State-of-the-Art EV Charger Testers

Our TD1320 is a portable instrument dedicated to on-site testing of DC EV chargers. With up to 1150 V DC voltage measurements, DC current measurements up to 300A, and class 0.05 / 0.1 DC electrical energy measurement, the TD1320, coupled with the TK4710 DC resistive load, conducts metrology characteristic tests, interoperability assessments, and communication protocol conformance tests.

Our portable TD1330 tester revolutionizes AC EV charging stations, featuring three-phase AC voltage measurements up to 300 V and three-phase AC current measurements up to 78 A. With class 0.05 / 0.1 AC electrical energy measurement, the TD1330, combined with the TK4720 AC adjustable resistive load, delivers comprehensive metrology characteristic tests and interoperability evaluations.

  • Professional Testing Software

Experience effortless charging station inspection with our EV charger testers, enhanced by user-friendly professional testing software.


TUNKIA's unwavering commitment to enhancing EV charging infrastructure stands strong.For personalized equipment solutions that precisely match your requirements, get in touch with us now !

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