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Quick View: TD1858 Portable Multifunction Calibrator

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TD1858 is a high precision and multi-function calibrator, integrates AC/DC voltage source, AC/DC current source, DC resistance source, etc. It's ideal for calibrating 4.5-digit DDMs, and its portable design suits on-site use.


DC voltage output

+(10 mV ~ 1020 V)

-(10 mV ~ 10.4 V)

DC current output

± (10 a ~ 10.2 A)

AC voltage output

10 mV ~ 1020 V

AC current output

10 μA ~ 10.4 A

Sinusoidal Wave frequency

10 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Simulated DC resistance

1 Ω ~ 220 MΩ

Wave frequency output

2 MHz Square

Optional function

Thermocouple outputs

Clamp meter calibration

TD1858 Portable Multifunction Calibrator TUNKIA

2. Applications

TD1858 can also be used in various calibration scenarios, such as DCV source calibration, DCI source calibration, RES source calibration, ACV source calibration, ACI source calibration and F source calibration. It can be used to calibrate DC voltmeter, DC ammeter, DC ohmmeter, AC voltmeter, AV ammeter, frequency meter.

3. Characteristics

• Excellent portability:The weight is less than 10 kg with embedded handle.

• Multiple output\adjustment methods: button output, touch screen output, knob output and percentage output

• Affordable price, high precision, and stability.

TD1858 Portable Multifunction Calibrator TUNKIA

4. Real Calibration Scene: TD1858 Portable Multi-function Calibrator being calibrated by an 8½-Digit Digital Multimeter


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