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TD1870 Multi-function Calibrator: Product Upgrade News

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Features and Applications

TD1870 is a multi-function calibrator with wide range and high accuracy, integrates AC/DC voltage and current standard source, can output excellent DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, DC/AC power, phase, frequency, and analog resistance etc. It’s applied for calibrating 5.5 digits and below digital multimeters, and can meet various calibration needs.

Product Upgrade

As a standout product within TUNKIA’s portfolio, the multi-function calibrator has continuously evolved to deliver superior performance and functionality to users. On the path of ongoing innovation, TD1870 Multi-function Calibrator is upgrading from version 4.0 to the latest 4.2. Here, we'll compare the differences between these two versions to provide a comprehensive overview of the upgrade's new features.

The updated TD1870 extends its frequency range and introduces new functionalities for resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and thermocouples. To enhance precision and stability, we've fine-tuned the device's current and voltage output range. With a revamped design, including a new casing and a clearer LCD touchscreen, the new TD1870 prioritizes an improved user experience.



TD1870 V4.0


TD1870 V4.2



500kHz (Voltage frequency)

30kHz (Current frequency)


No thermocouple or thermal resistance function

With thermocouple and thermal resistance functions

Voltage and Current Output Range

30A, 1100V

20.5A 1020V

LCD Screen



These enhancements reflect our commitment to addressing customer needs, as we persist in our mission to serve customers and develop world-class electrical measurement devices.

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