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TK7260 Fast Tester for Magnetic Properties of Silicon Steel Sheets



TK7260 is built with precision excitation current source and voltage measurement module, and adopts advanced microprocessing technology and digital signal processing technology to measure Ps and Bm of single electrical steel sheet during 45 Hz~400 Hz. It has the characteristics of fast measurement, convenient operation, good repeatability and reliability. It is suitable for transformer or motor manufacturers to perform rapid quality inspection on silicon steel raw materials or stamped single sheets. It meets national standard GB/T 13789-2008.


  • Multiple loss test points can be set during 0.5 T~1.7 T.

  • The built-in H coil measures magnetic field strength to ensure high accuracy of magnetic measurement.

  • Typical test points can be saved as a solution, allowing the quality inspector to load and test on the production line quickly.

  • High magnetic field measurement accuracy.

  • One key storage data and real-time view.

  • Easy to operate.


Testing capability

Loss test point

P0.5 ~ P1.7


45 Hz~400 Hz

Voltage/current accuracy


Power accuracy


Loss/magnetic induction accuracy


Loss/magnetic sense repeatability


Sample requirement

Sample size (L*W)

Not less than 30 mm × 100 mm

Sample thickness

0.1 mm~1.0 mm


The surface should be clean, flat and free of   marks and scratches.

Remarks: ①:RG is the range; ② FS=voltage range × current   range

Repeatability of measurement: the magnetometer is pressed on the sample and no longer moves, and repeated measurements are made for 10 times. The maximum or minimum value of the 10 measurements minus the average value is divided by the average value, and the maximum value of the two values represents the repeatability.

General Specification

Line Power: AC, Hz

Operating Environment:,  R·H: 40% ~ 80%

Host Dimensions:270 mm × 185 mm × 135 mm (W × L × H)

Permeameter Dimensions:270 mm × 185 mm × 135 mm (W × L × H)

Weight: host about 5 kg,  permeameter about 5 kg

Communication Interface: RS232 interface,Magnetometer interface