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TUNKIA | CCIC Metrology & TUNKIA Held a Signing Ceremony for Export Services

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Recently, CCIC Metrology Co., Ltd.(referred to as CCIC Metrology)and TUNKIA Co., Ltd. (referred to as TUNKIA) held a signing ceremony on export service cooperation. According to the negotiation between the two parties, TUNKIA will enter the Instrument Service Center, jointly explore a new path for TUNKIA to participate in the deep integration of the global instrument industry chain and comprehensively promote the international development strategy.

At the signing ceremony, Zhonghai Zhang, general manager of CCIC Metrology, pointed out that it is the mission of state-owned central enterprises to help enhance the influence of Chinese enterprises in the field of international science and technology and manufacturing and to serve domestic instruments and meters going global. The Instrument Service Center will fully rely on the brand influence, international business experience and global network advantages of CCIC Metrology, build a bridge of friendly cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign enterprises in the field of instrumentation communication, honesty, and mutual trust, and help national brands to better expand the international market.

Xinhua Zhou, general manager of TUNKIA, said that promoting the high-quality development of China's instrumentation industry cannot be separated from the joint efforts of government departments, scientific research institutes, state-owned central enterprises, and private enterprises. With the platform advantages of Instrument Service Center, it is expected to improve sales efficiency and customer experience, reduce sales costs and cycles, and better serve global users.

The Instrument Service Center provides services for the majority of domestic instrument and meter enterprises on a global scale. In the pre-sale, sale, after-sale, and other links helps enterprises to solve the problems of unfamiliarity with market access policies, high cost of overseas sales, poor customer experience, marketing distance, lack of business mutual trust with foreign buyers, lack of after-sales maintenance and calibration guarantee and other problems during the process of overseas market expansion. It helps domestic instrumentation enterprises to integrate into the global industrial chain supply chain and enhance the international brand image, influence, and competitiveness of domestic instrumentation. Up to now, the first batch of overseas sites have been synchronously launched in Hungary, Thailand, and Argentina.

TUNKIA is a global leader in electromagnetic measurement scientific instruments, focusing on serving users in the field of analysis and solving complex electromagnetic measurement problems encountered by users. At present, the products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions, serving more than 30,000 users, covering the world's leading metrology laboratories, universities, and research institutions.


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