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TUNKIA | IEC 63300:2023 Test Methods for Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Powder Cores | International Standard Publication

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TUNKIA|IEC 63300: 2023 Magnetic Powder Core Electromagnetic Performance Testing Methods|International Standard Publication

  • Development of IEC 63300 Testing Methods

On June 27, 2023, the internationally recognized standard "IEC 63300 ED1 Test methods for electrical and magnetic properties of magnetic powder cores," under the technical jurisdiction of China's National Magnetic Core Standards Committee, was released. With this release, a total of seven international standards related to metal magnetic powder cores have been published. These standards include the foundational standard "Classification of Metal Magnetic Powder Cores," method standard "Measurement Methods for Electromagnetic Properties of Metal Magnetic Powder Cores," and product standard series "Guidelines for Dimensions and Surface Defects Limits of Metal Magnetic Powder Cores" parts 1-5. The proposed "TC51 New Standard System for Metal Magnetic Powder Cores" by China has been substantially improved.

  • Key Components of IEC 63300 Standard

IEC 63300, as the measurement method standard within the metal magnetic powder core standard system, specifying the measurement methods and technical requirements for electromagnetic properties of metal magnetic powder cores. In November 2016, during the IEC/TC51 working group meeting in Munich, Germany, it was decided that China would undertake the new proposal (NP) work for standardizing the measurement methods for electrical and magnetic properties of metal magnetic powder cores. In December 2016, during the annual meeting of the National Magnetic Core Standards Committee, it was determined that the project would be led by the China Electronics Standardization Institute and Fuzhou University. A drafting team was subsequently established, inviting well-known companies such as TUNKIA Co., Ltd., Huawei, and Zhejiang Institute of Metrology to participate in the drafting process.

  • Significance of IEC 63300 for Metal Magnetic Powder Cores

IEC 63300 serves as the foundation and basis for determining the characterization parameters of metal magnetic powder cores. In addition to improving and refining existing measurement methods, the expert team of the drafting committee promptly incorporates the achievements of new methods into this standard, which has garnered significant interest and attention from experts worldwide. This standard is of crucial reference value for the production, inspection, trade, and application of metal magnetic powder core products. It helps metal magnetic powder core manufacturers improve product quality and promotes technological advancements, quality enhancement, and industrial development in the field of metal magnetic powder cores. Furthermore, this standard contributes to the development of standardized testing instruments and devices.

  • TUNKIA's Contribution: TK8600 - Innovative Magnetic Measurement Device

TUNKIA's participation in the drafting of this standard demonstrates that the company's research and development technology and capabilities in magnetic measurement instruments and equipment are at the forefront internationally. Our company's independently developed TK8600 Metal Magnetic Powder Core Magnetic Performance Measurement Device, based on this standard, has received high praise from major institutions and laboratories. The company also manufactures various types of magnetic measurement equipment, including magnetometers, magnetometers calibration instruments, soft magnetic measurement devices, permanent magnetic measurement devices, and online testing equipment for electrical steel magnetic properties. These products are distributed in over 50 countries and serve more than 30,000 global users.


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