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TUNKIA Precision Fluxmeter Calibrator

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1. TUNKIA Precision Fluxmeter Calibrator-TM7900

TM7900 is a high-precision Calibrator for flux meter, which generates magnetic flux by a built-in high-precision Volt-second Generator (1Vs=1Wb). It calibrates flux-meters by comparing indicating value of the flux-meter with the value it generates. Compared with Mutual Inductance method, Volt-second method is featured with easier to use, better precision and traceability, it is applied for calibrate digital flux-meter and electrical integrator.

TUNKIA Precision Fluxmeter Calibrator

1.1 Specific Functions of the Volt-Second Method in TM7900

Rapid Data Acquisition: The device can acquire magnetic flux signals at very high sampling rates to capture minute variations in the signal.

High-Precision Measurement: Using the volt-second method, the device can achieve high-precision measurements of magnetic flux, typically with microsecond time resolution.

Real-Time Analysis: The volt-second method allows for real-time analysis of the acquired data to quickly obtain calibration results.

Automatic Calibration: The device can automatically perform calibration procedures, reducing human error and improving the reliability and consistency of measurements.

1.2 Applications of the Volt-Second Method:

High-Precision Magnetic Flux Measurement: The volt-second method provides strong technical support in applications requiring very high precision magnetic flux measurements, such as scientific research, industrial inspection, and electronic equipment calibration.

Signal Analysis and Processing: Rapid acquisition and processing of magnetic flux signals can help identify and analyze transient signal characteristics.

Through these functions, the TM7900 Magnetic Flux Calibrator can provide high-precision, highly reliable magnetic flux measurement results, making it widely applicable in various fields requiring precise magnetic flux measurement.

2. Features of TM7900 Precision Volt-second Generator for Flux Meter Calibration

Accuracy Class: 0.005, 0.01, 0.02 or 0.05.

Built-in high-precision voltage source and timer.

Generate magnetic flux by integrating voltage and time.

Calculate and output voltage and time by setting magnetic flux value.

Quick calibration in several seconds.

Unit switch: mWb, Wb, Vs, mVs, Mx.

Support setting interior resistance and wire resistance.

Eliminate interior resistance’s influence by compensation.

Large LCD screen and press-key.

TUNKIA TM7900 Precision Volt-second Generator for Flux Meter Calibration (2) TUNKIA TM7900 Precision Volt-second Generator for Flux Meter Calibration (5)

3. Application of TM7900 Precision Volt-second Generator for Flux Meter Calibration

Fast Calibration of Digital Fluxmeter

TUNKIA Precision Fluxmeter Calibrator

4. Specification of TM7900 Precision Volt-second Generator for Flux Meter Calibration

TUNKIA Precision Fluxmeter Calibrator


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