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TUNKIA TK4830 EV Chargers Tester-Strength And Advantages

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The Overall Introduction

TK4830 is an AC and DC integrated charging station calibration device. The accuracy of AC and DC power measurement of the device reaches Class 0.05. It can complete the working error and clock time error test of AC and DC charging stations.

The Wide Measurement Range

DC Measurement: DC voltage 100~1000V, DC current 1A~250A, DC power/electric energy class 0.05.

AC Measurement: three-phase voltage 200V~480V, current 1A~72A, AC power/electric energy class 0.05.

The Support of Testing Multiple Charging Interfaces

TUNKIA EV charger tester TK4830 supports European standard CCS2 DC charging interface, European standard Mennekes (Type2) AC charging interface and Japanese standard CHAdeMO DC charging interface.

European Standard


European Standard Mennekes(Type2)

Japanese Standard


The Benefit of Supporting Multiple Loads

New energy vehicles can be used as loads to measure the accumulated electric energy throughout the charging process, and traditional resistive loads can also be used for testing.

• The advantage of new energy vehicles as loads is their portability and convenience in carrying out on-site testing.

• Testing with an adjustable resistive load improves measurement accuracy and supports more charging standards.

The Reference Standards

IEC 62196-2

IEC 62196-3


JJG 1148–2022 Calibration Regulations for AC chargers for Electric Vehicles

JJG 1149–2022 Calibration Regulations for Off-board Chargers for Electric Vehicles

The Calibration Scene and OP Demo


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