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TUNKIA TM9000 Magnetometers Calibration Device

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TM9000 Magnetometers Calibration Device tunkia

1. TM9000 Magnetometers Calibration Device

TM9000 is a set of high precision, multi-function, intelligent magnetic parameter measurement standard device. It is composed of high-precision DC current standard source, standard electromagnet, standard Helmholtz coil, precision magnetometer, magnetic shielding cavity, automatic calibration software, etc.

TM9000 Magnetometers Calibration Device tunkia

2. Features

A standard source of bipolar excitation current equipped with dual channels.

The stability of the current source reaches 30 ppm /min.

Accuracy class of current source reaches class 0.01, the annual error variation is better than 50 ppm.

Current source adjustment fineness minimum 5ppm.

Magnetic field coil generates a standard magnetic field of  ± (0.1 mT to 100 mT).

Electromagnets generate a highly stable magnetic field of  ± (10 mT ~ 2.5 T).

A custom-developed precision magnetometer of Tunkia acts as a standard meter for electromagnets.

Both the magnetic field coil and the electromagnet are equipped with intelligent probe position adjustment devices.

Equipped with a magnetically shielded cavity that is used to calibrate the zero drift of the magnetometer.

Equipped with a portable console for easy manual control of the magnetic field output.

The system uses a modular integrated design.

Equipped with special calibration software.

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3. Instrument Composition

Overall Introduction

TM9000 Magnetometers Calibration Device tunkia





Helmholtz coils

The magnetic field of  ± (0.1MT ~ 100mT) can be generated by DC standard current source excitation.

Computer and Software

Realize semi-automatic or fully automatic calibration, data recording, report generation.


Print the resulting calibration report.

Precision magnetometer

Can be used as a standard meter to calibrate the magnetic field of an electromagnet.

Calibrated magnetometer

The position of the DUT.


The magnetic field of  ± (10mT ~ 2.5T) can be generated by DC standard current source excitation.


Placing equipment, proofread table, computer, printer, etc.


Manual control of excitation current or magnetic field output.

Power switch

The green button is on, and the red button is off.

DCI standard source

Produces high precision DC current for electromagnet or Helmholtz coil excitation.

Probe position controller

Each stepper motor with 13 RS232 interfaces is connected to the probe positioning device.


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