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TUNKIA’s Advantages of Sensor Testing Solution

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In addition to standard comprehensive sensor testing instruments, TUNKIA also provides you with customized testing plans.

1. Our Advantages

1.1 High Integration & Modularity

TUNKIA’s Advantages of Sensor Testing Solution

A single device integrates voltage/current standard sources, high-precision digital meters, auxiliary power supplies, power meters and other equipment, reducing user costs such as transportation and wiring, and effectively improving test efficiency.

1.2 Multi Sensor Units Testing

TUNKIA’s Advantages of Sensor Testing Solution

According to the working flow of the sensor production line, multiple sensor units can be tested simultaneously to improve production efficiency. Each meter can be configured with its own independent auxiliary power supply and output power measurement (including voltage and current measurement).

1.3 High Frequency and High Current Output Performance

TUNKIA’s Advantages of Sensor Testing Solution

The coaxial device of the high-frequency current sensor designed by TUNKIA can reduce the self-inductance and mutual inductance of the output circuit, and reduce the angular difference caused by the passage of high-frequency and large currents; the system adopts a symmetrical structure design, and the magnetic field distribution of the sensor core is uniform to avoid localization of the core saturation.

1.4 Manual/Automatic Testing Software

TUNKIA’s Advantages of Sensor Testing Solution

Referring to the relevant procedures and specifications of sensor testing, users can customize the testing plan (including testing items and testing points, etc.), store, read, edit and manage the tested sensor product library, and export the test report after the automatic testing is completed.

2. Fully Customization

2.1 Function Customization

Standard voltage source output

Secondary current measurement

Standard current source output

Auxiliary power supply

Secondary voltage measurement

Power consumption measurement

2.2 Technical Customization

Primary output range

Load capacity

Output accuracy

Temperature drift coefficient

Output stability

Second measurement range

2.3 Accessories Customization

Adjustable load box

Test fixture

Temperature control box

Communication interface

Mobile measurement and control console

Traceability device

Signal transfer box

2.4 Software Customization

Measurement and control console operation interface

Communication protocol

PC test software

Various test items

2.5 Structural Customization

Multiple testing units

Manual connection

Pneumatic connection

Workbench specifications

Electric connection


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