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TUNKIA's EV Charger Tester: Advanced Sustainable Solutions for the Future

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Popularization

Technological Advancements: Enhanced battery technology, extended cruising range, and faster charging speeds contribute to the improved reliability and convenience of electric vehicles.

Environmental Consciousness: Rising awareness of environmental issues prompts a growing number of consumers to opt for new energy electric vehicles, aiming to mitigate environmental pollution and carbon emissions.

Energy Transition

Charging Station Network Construction: The decline in traditional fuel resources and the shift in new energy are pivotal factors driving the charging station industry's growth. Simultaneously, constructing the charging station network is crucial for achieving overall energy transformation.

Renewable Energy Integration: Pairing charging piles with renewable sources like solar and wind energy enhances energy utilization efficiency while decreasing dependence on traditional energy sources and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources.

Market Demand Update

Market Thriving: The electric vehicle market is thriving, with new energy vehicles set to reach 13.1 million by the end of 2022, marking a remarkable 67.13% year-on-year growth.

Future Projection (2025): In alignment with the Chinese government's "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)," it is anticipated that the number of new energy vehicles in China will reach 25 million.

TUNKIA’s On-site EV Charger Tester Solution

The surge in new energy vehicles globally has driven an increase in electric vehicle charging stations, necessitating new requirements for charging station testing. To address these new demands in domestic and overseas market, TUNKIA has introduced a comprehensive and reliable on-site testing solution for EV charging stations.

Comprehensive TestingTD1320TD1320 Portable Tester for EV DC Charging Station 

DC 1150V / 300A, Class 0.1 / 0.05

TD1330TD1330 Portable Tester for EV AC Charging Station 

AC 300V / 78A, Class 0.1 / 0.05

TK4830TK4830 Portable Tester for EV DC/AC Charging Station

DCV 100~1000V, DCI 1A~250A, Class 0.05

Three-phase ACV 200V~480v, ACI 1A~72A, Class 0.05

Resistive LoadTK4710TK4710 DC Adjustable Resistance Load

20kW / 60kW (optional), Cascadable

TK4720TK4720 AC Adjustable Resistance Load

Single-phase 9kW / Three-phase 45kW

TK4730TK4730 AC/DC Portable Resistance Load

AC / DC 5kW

AC / DC 10kW

Auxiliary AccessoriesTK4960TK4960 DC Charging-power Calibration Adapter

DC adapter

TK4965TK4965 AC Charging-power Calibration Adapter

AC adapter

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