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Unlocking Electrical Steel: Wide Applications and TUNKIA’s Comprehensive Testing Solution

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1. About Electrical Steel

Cold-rolled electrical steel is divided into oriented electrical steel and non-oriented electrical steel according to the orientation of the internal grains. Oriented electrical steel features grains predominantly aligned in one direction with a high silicon content, making it ideal for transformer manufacturing. In contrast, non-oriented electrical steel has disorderly distributed grains and a lower silicon content, primarily used in motor manufacturing.

As an indispensable soft magnetic alloy in the electric power and electrical appliance industries, electrical steel is widely used in the electric power and telecommunications industries to manufacture generators, motors, transformers, transformers and other equipment. It plays a key role in industries such as the power industry, rail transportation, electrical appliance industry, and new energy vehicles.

1.1 Application 1: Motor

Electrical steel finds extensive application in the motor industry, spanning large, small, and medium-sized electromechanical systems, as well as new energy vehicles. As a core material, it minimizes iron loss, enhances magnetic induction, leading to smaller and lighter motors, lower losses, and improved efficiency.

1.2 Application 2: Transformer

Grain-oriented electrical steel is the core raw material for transformer production. In the field of transformers, high magnetic induction and low iron loss oriented electrical steel core materials are the key to reducing consumption.

2. TUNKIA's Product System

TUNKIA’s product system covers the entire electrical steel industry chain, including electrical steel production, coiling, batch testing, semi-finished product (core) testing, finished product (transformer) testing, and traceability of magnetic measuring instruments.

Stay tuned for our upcoming article introducing TUNKIA’s electrical steel laboratory measurement solutions. Explore the product catalog for electrical steel in [download] on our website.

unlocking electrical steel: wide application and TUNKIA's Comprehensive Testing Solution

2.1 Fully Automated Electrical Steel Magnetic Testing System (TS3200)


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