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Unveiling TUNKIA's 18-Year Journey: Pioneering in Electromagnetic Measurement

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Committed to serving users in the calibration field, TUNKIA specializes in tackling intricate challenges within electromagnetic measurement. Despite our dedication, our story remains relatively undiscovered, gradually unfolding over the span of the past 18 years. This historical timeline bears witness to our persistent efforts and continuous pursuit of excellence, establishing us as a significant player in the industry today. And this is our story.

18 Years of Electromagnetic Calibration Excellence

Since the establishment of TUNKIA in 1998 as Tong Ren Co., Ltd., we have been deeply engaged in electromagnetic calibration for 26 years, continuously expanding our footprint in the realms, and achieving remarkable success. In 2006, TUNKIA Co., Ltd. was formally established, marking the commencement of our pioneering journey in the realm of electromagnetic measurement.

Revolutionizing Precision: TUNKIA's Electrical Innovations

TUNKIA has become a leading manufacturer of electrical measurement instruments in China. After introducing a series of high-precision and high-stability electrical calibrators, TUNKIA shifted its focus to the field of DC energy measurement.

In 2011, TUNKIA pioneered the industry by launching China's first set of DC energy standard devices (TD1550), filling the void in DC measurement in China.

In 2012, we launched China’s first 0.01 class commercial three-phase standard energy meter and DC standard energy meter (TD3310, TD1300).

In 2015, we introduced the Chinese version of a multifunctional precision calibrator (TD1880), capable of calibrating 6.5 digit multimeters.

In 2016, TUNKIA released the world's first vector voltage analyzer, with a phase A-class measurement uncertainty reaching 0.3μrad@45Hz~1kHz (TH2000).

In 2018, we introduced the world's first set of DC energy standards (10 ppm). In 2020, we successfully developed and launched the world's smallest 0.01 class single-phase standard electricity meter, widely used in the automatic calibration of power flow lines (TK3100, TK3300).

In 2022, TUNKIA once again innovated by releasing the world's first wide-frequency power analyzer calibration device (TA2100).

In 2023, we led the trend by launching the Chinese version of a high-precision multifunctional 8.5 digit calibrator (TH1950), achieving a significant breakthrough in the field of domestic electrical calibrators.

In 2024, we will introduce the Chinese version of an 8.5 digital multimeter and a 0.005 class three-phase standard electricity meter, continuing to lead the industry's development.

Founder and Pioneer: TUNKIA's Magnetic Metrology

In the field of magnetic metrology, TUNKIA is not only a pioneer but also a founder.

In 2013, we led the industry by introducing China's first set of amorphous single-piece magnetic performance testing system (TD8160).

In 2017, we revolutionized by releasing China's first set of electrical steel magnetostrictive performance measurement system (TS3300).

In 2021, we took another significant step in the field of electrical steel measurement by successfully launching the first domestically developed automatic testing system for the magnetic properties of electrical steel. This system has been widely adopted by major steel plants such as Bao Steel and Wu Steel (TS3200).

Sustainable Solutions: TUNKIA's EV Charger Testing

Additionally, in response to global warming, TUNKIA has actively put forward our own solution.

In 2014, we introduced China's first set of electric vehicle charging station testing instruments (TD1320, TD1330).

In 2023, we launched an internationally-oriented ev charger tester(TK4830), designed to comply with European standards(CCS2, Type 2) and Japanese standards(CHAdeMO) ev charger testing.

This innovative initiative aims to promote sustainable development and contribute our efforts to the standardization of electric vehicle charging facilities.

Trailblazing Excellence: TUNKIA's Electromagnetic Metrology Journey

TUNKIA's research in electromagnetic metrology is relentless. Our vision is to pioneer in electromagnetic measurement, creating cutting-edge equipment globally. Recognizing the importance of electromagnetic measurement in various sectors, our efforts go beyond meeting market demands to contribute to industry progress.

In the future, we aim to surpass our achievements, pursue excellence, and contribute to the evolution of electromagnetic metrology. We appreciate your support and look forward to achieving new heights in the field together!


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