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TM5100 Hand-held Tesla Meter



TM5100 is a portable and multifunctional magnetic field measuring instrument equipped with a high sensitivity, low drift Hall sensor and advanced digital signal processing technology for measuring the surface magnetic field of permanent magnet materials, remanence of mechanical parts, DC constant magnetic field and magnetic separator or iron remover. It can be used as a basic magnetic parameter measuring instrument in magnetic material manufacturers and application units, machinery manufacturing enterprises, university research units, etc.


  • The magnetic field measurement is up to 2400 mT (24 kG) with 5% accuracy (DC).

  • Magnetic field polarity display: directly display the N / S.

  • One-button unit switching: mT or G, 1 mT = 10 G.

  • One-button clear function: to eliminate the influence of zero drift on the measurement.

  • Maximum maintenance.

  • Built-in USB communication interface, convenient for data export or connection to the sampling system.

  • Small size, light weight and low power consumption, easy to carry.

  • Radial Hall probe is standard, axial probe is optional for different applications.

  • Zero drift calibration (optional): equipped with a dedicated magnetic shielding cavity to calibrate the zero drift of the instrument.



200 mT

2000 mT



0.1 mT


10 mT~2400   mT,4-digit display


2% ( 10 mT...1000 mT )

5% ( 1000 mT...2400 mT )

Temperature Coefficient

0.1% / K

Zero drift

0.5 mT/h

Display digits

5-digit decimal display

Hall Probe Schemat


General Specification

Line Power: Three AA dry or USB batteries

Operating Environment:,  R·H: 20% ~ 80%, No condensation

Storage Environment: R·H: < 85%, No condensation

Mainframe Dimensions: 165 mm × 90 mm × 40 mm (W×L×H)

Weight: About 350 g

Communication Interface: Hall probe input interface, USB interface