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TP1000 Surface Resistance Tester

TP1000 is a handheld Surface Resistance Tester dedicated to detecting surface resistance and electrostatic leakage resistance, which can accurately measure surface resistance and electrostatic leakage of 10 3~1012 Ω The resistance value can also complete the measurement of temperature and humidity in the test environment. The measurement uncertainty of resistance measurement is 5%.

  • TP1000


TP1000 Surface Resistance Tester

TP1000 Surface Resistance Tester

1. Summary

TP1000 is a handheld instrument dedicated to detecting surface resistance and electrostatic leakage resistance, which can accurately measure surface resistance and electrostatic leakage of 10 3~1012 Ω The resistance value can also complete the measurement of temperature and humidity in the test environment. The measurement uncertainty of resistance measurement is 5%.

2. Features

Resistance measurement range: 103~1012Ω

10 V / 100 V test voltage

Battery-powered, replaceable battery.

LCD color screen.

Data storage function, support Type-C interface to export data files.

Internal communication interface, convenient to connect to printers.

It can be connected to an external temperature and humidity sensor to measure and record the temperature and humidity of the environment.

3. Application

☆ Test Electrostatic Leakage Resistance and Surface Resistance

Under the test voltage of 10 V / 100 V, the resistance measurement range is 103~1012Ω;

Measurement uncertainty: 5%.

4. Characteristics

☆ Portable Design

TP1000 Surface Resistance Tester Portable Design

Handheld host, large LCD color screen, rechargeable battery power supply, small size, light weight, convenient to complete the resistance test on site.

Equipped with portable instrument case, it can store the host, heavy hammer electrode, test line, printer and other accessories.

☆ Connect to PC to Print Labels

With a Type-C interface, the device can be connected to a notebook for data transmission and operation to print test result labels.

☆ Temperature and Humidity Test

Built-in ambient temperature and humidity measurement function, connecting temperature and humidity probes can realize on-site environmental condition measurement.

5. Specifications

5.1 Resistance Measurement

Resistance Range (Ω)

1.000 0 k< R ≤1.000 0 T


0.1 Ω~ 100 MΩ

Test Voltage

10 V / 100 V

Optimal Measurement Uncertainty

5% *RD

Displays Digits

5-digit decimal display

Test the Electrodes


2.5 kg ± 0.3 kg

Contact Surface Diameter


Total Resistance of Conductive Rubber

< 1000 Ω

5.2 Temperature and Humidity Measurement

Relative humidity: 10% ~ 80% R·H, measurement uncertainty: 5% * RD

Temperature measurement: 0°C ~ 50°C, measurement uncertainty: 5% *RD

6. General Specifications

Power Supply

Rechargeable battery powered

Warm-up Time

10 minutes

Maximum Power Consumption

100 VA

Temperature Performance

Working temperature: 0°C~45°C

Storage temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C

Humidity Performance

Operating humidity: < 80% @ 30°C, < 70% @ 40°C, < 40% @ 50°C

Storage humidity: (20% ~ 80%) R·H, no condensation


< 3000 m

Instrument Quality

Approx 0.5 kg

Communication Interface




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