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TM1100 / 1110 / 1130 Hall Probe

TM1100 Uniaxial radial Hall probe/TM1110 Uniaxial axial Hall probe/TM1130 Triaxial Hall probe
  • TM1100 / 1110 / 1130


TM1100 / 1110 / 1130 Hall Probe

Uniaxial radial Hall probe        TM1100 / 1110 / 1130 Hall Probe

Uniaxial axial Hall probe         TM1100 / 1110 / 1130 Hall Probe

Triaxial Hall probe            TM1100 / 1110 / 1130 Hall Probe

Figure 1 Uniaxial radial / Uniaxial axial / Triaxial Hall probe

TM1100 / 1110 / 1130 Hall Probe

Figure 2 Schematic diagram of radial probe (left) and axial probe (right)

1. Summary

Uniaxial probe and Triaxial probe, as an accessory of Tesla meter.

Uniaxial probes: radial and axial specifications according to different chip packaging positions.

Radial (transverse) probe: usually rectangular, the test area is usually the side of the front, suitable for measuring the surface magnetic field density of permanent magnets, magnetic remanence of mechanical parts, DC constant magnetic field, etc.

Axial probe: usually cylindrical, the test area is the top, suitable for measuring the magnetic field generated by a solenoid or toroidal coil, and scanning the surface magnetic distribution.

Triaxial probe: suitable for measuring the three-dimensional magnetic field, scanning the AC magnetic field in space, monitoring environment magnetic field of the laboratory, etc.

2. Ordering Information

TM1100 / 1110 / 1130 Hall Probe



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