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TY2100 Surface Magnetic Field Automatic Testing System

TY2100 is a special equipment for automatically measuring the magnetic field distribution of permanent magnet materials and motor rotor surface. It can automatically scan specimens surface in three-dimensional and calculate the surface magnetic field distribution.

Tesla Meter Measure Range:
Measurable Specimens:
Surface Magnetic Parameters:
  • TY2100


TY2100 Surface Magnetic Field Automatic Testing System

TY2100 Surface Magnetic Field Automatic Testing System  

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1. Summary

TY2100 is a special equipment for automatically measuring the magnetic field distribution of permanent magnet materials and motor rotor surface. It can automatically scan specimens surface in three-dimensional and calculate the surface magnetic field distribution.


2. Features

  • Tesla Meter: Measuring range: 02000mT, minimum resolution: 10μT, uncertainty of measurement: 0.5%.

  • Rotating Test Platform: The test platform is equipped with a rotary chuck, which is driven by a precision stepping motor to drive the tested sample to rotate in the W -axis direction.

  • Chuck and Bearing: the concentricity of the standard chuck is 0.05 mm, which makes the operation more stable.

  • 4 Axis Motion CotrolThe motion control of XYZW axis has two modes: software automatic control and key manual control.

  • Plane Specimen Fixture (optional): used to measure plane specimens and cube specimens.

  • Radial Probe (optional): used for surface magnetic measurement of plane sample, cube sample, etc.

3. Applications

  • Measuring Ring Specimens : It can test cylindrical permanent magnets, multi-pole magnetic rings, magnetic tiles, small motor rotors, etc. of different sizes.

  • Planar Specimens Measurement (optional): Planar specimens fixture and Radial probe can be selected to measure the surface magnetic distribution characteristics of plane specimens and cube specimens.

  • Surface Magnetic Parameters: pole number, polarity, peak value of magnetic pole, angle, area, width, half-width height, magnetization angle; The results of each table magnetic parameter include maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation , etc.

  • Surface Magnetic Curve: X-Y rectangular magnetic field distribution diagram, polar coordinate magnetic field distribution diagram, three-dimensional magnetic field distribution diagram, etc.

4. Specifications


Measuring Range

0  2000 mT

Minimum Resolution

10 μT

Uncertainty of Measurement (k= 2 )


XYZ Axis

Adjustable Stroke

XY axis0100 mm

Z axis0200 mm

Minimum Resolution

0.01 mm

Positioning Accuracy

± 0.02 mm

W Axis


50000 / 360°


0.05 mm

Maximum Rotation Speed

2s / 360°


5. Specifications of Specimens

Ring Specimens

Chuck Clamping Range

Internal diameter: Φ 2 mm ~ 70 mm

External diameter: Φ 24 mm ~ 64 mm


 Φ 350 mm


 3 kg

Flat Specimens


100 mm × 100 mm (L×W)


 3 kg


6. General Specifications

Power Supply

AC ( 220 ± 22 ) V( 50 ± 2 ) Hz

Temperature Performance

Working Temperature0°C40°C

Storage Temperature-20°C70°C

Humidity Performance

Working Humidity40%80% R·HNo condensation

Store Humidity< 95% R·HNo condensation


450 mm(W) ×510 mm(D) × 710 mm(H)



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